Building Capabilities for Current & Emerging Leaders

What do you Need?

We are equipped to provide capability building at several levels. Here’s what you should know about how we match your needs to our approach:


We have four “levels” of service delivery:
A “Workshop” is typically a 2 day experience that connects concepts, strategies, and best practices directly to tools and applications aimed at producing real results quickly. Open workshops are usually attended by individuals from a diverse set of organizations or small groups from several organizations.
A “Program” is a larger scale set of integrated actions which typically links strategy and implementation; it usually consists of multiple elements, including briefings, planning, diagnostics, leadership & resource commitments, engagement, implement roll-out, metrics, action workshops, feedback and learning.
We can add coaching/mentoring support to a custom program to aid in long-term impact.
If your organization needs implementation assistance beyond a Custom Program with Coaching & Mentoring, we are developing alliances with specialty consulting firms that may be of assistance.

About Capability Building
There are a number of false beliefs about leadership you should be aware of. Here are a few of them:
1. Leaders are born, not made Myth

While some people have a natural leadership talent, most good managers can improve their performance, influence, and effectiveness significantly with good leadership capability building. This is our aim.

2. Knowledge changes behavior Myth

While knowledge is valuable, the correlation between knowledge and performance is tenuous. Behavior is much more the result of culture, beliefs, practice, feedback, and personal initiative. This is our method.

3. Leadership is good habits & traits Myth

While traits and habits are characteristics of good leaders, this is simply not enough. Great leaders have the capability to engage strategically, build trust, produce results, and adapt to change. This is our breakthrough.

4. Leadership is about use of power Myth

While power is one of the dynamics of leadership, power can be exercised positively and negatively. Greatest positive power is achieved from alignment of human energy. This is our foundational framework.

5. Trust is too soft to teach Myth

While in the past trust has been the fuzzy backwater of human behavior, trust is too important to overlook. We know from conducting hundreds of workshops with senior executives from around the world, and having done breakthrough research on the neuro-chemistry of the brain, trust can be taught, perceptions altered, and skills mastered.

6. Leaders are just good managers Myth

While most leaders rise from the ranks of management, it is a mistake to believe leadership is “advanced management.” Great leaders have better strategic, relationship, and innovation skills than a standard manager. This is essential.

Existing leaders face many crises today. With the retirement of so many baby boomers from the work force, being able to develop new (and better) leaders is essential.

To understand the magnitude of the Leadership depletion in real numbers: over 10,000 baby boomers file for retirement Social Security every day!

The American Management Association’s survey of corporate executives on the adequacy of “critical skills” among their workforces shows some very disturbing results that must be addressed by the private, not-for-profit, and public sector:

Critical Skills (prioritized) – Proficiency Rankings

Communications – 51.4% rank as only average
Collaboration – 42% rank average
Critical Thinking – 46.9% rank average
Innovation – 46.9% rank average

Organizations that don’t take action now are at risk of unstable executive leadership, suffering from downward business and profitability consequences.

Many see the infusion of Millennials into the workforce as a burden. It is actually a great opportunity for organization transformation – and Collaborative Leadership is the best strategy to use. Just take a look at what Millennials need to be energized…
Top Priorities of Millennials

(other than Pay & Benefits)

  • Good work/life balance
  • Opportunities to progress/to be leaders
  • Flexibility i.e., remote working, flexible hours
  • Sense of meaning from my work
  • Professional development training programs
  • The impact it has on society
  • The quality of its products/services
  • Strong sense of purpose
  • Opportunities for international travel
  • Fast growing/dynamic
  • A leading company that people admire
  • Invests in and uses the latest technology
  • The reputation of its leaders

Source: Deloitte Millenials Survey 2016 7,700 surveyed globally with college degrees

“Get out in front of this problem while it is still manageable. It’s an opportunity today -- it will be a crisis tomorrow....”

Think of us when you need a highly experienced team

We provide insight and wisdom, along with a fresh new approach to solving complex human & organizational problems.

If you are forming an alliance or partnership, or need to revitalize or reposition an alliance, our team has had extensive experience creating success quickly and efficiently. We will use best-practice methods to make the alliance healthy.
The four essential alignments of our approach have proven highly effective when diverse people come together for strategic planning sessions, major strategic initiatives, launching new projects, or insuring complex functional integration.
The Four Alignments has become the foundational architecture of Collaborative Leadership. Leadership effectiveness training workshops empower people to perform at an outstanding level.
When difficulties are encountered in disputes, rather than litigation, our skilled team of mediators can help resolve difficulties and set the parties on a positive course for the future using the Four Alignments.
The conditions where TransAlignment’s value is paramount: where the parties need to interact in multiple ways over the long haul; where trust is essential; and where there may be uncertainty in the future.
Most Reorganizations fail to achieve their objectives because efficient delivery of products & services comes foremost from creation & flow of value, not scale or structure. Alignment at cross- functional interfaces accelerates creation & flow.
High Performance Teams thrive and are empowered when the four TransAlignment dimensions are embraced in their structure. Any team, no matter its size or scale, benefits.
Most Innovation and Lean Management initiatives fail to achieve their objectives. We have mastered the core secrets, strategies, and unique frameworks that enable Innovation and Value Creation to prevail and be sustainable across the board regardless of the industry.

Be sure to contact us to help build the capacity and capability of your organization, alliance, partnership, strategic relationship, project, or team.

We can set a new standard of excellence, bringing you to a new level of performance — with new mindsets, an inspired future, higher trust, better teamwork, and an ability to adapt to uncertainty/change.

We will present these programs in Naples, Florida during the winters (it’s wonderful here) or bring them on-site to organizations that want programs delivered to in-house teams for better integration.

All our programs are highly interactive and focused on team-alignment and action-planning for high impact results.

Capability Building is a multi-fold approach that includes new knowledge, skills building, metrics, and new frameworks for thinking that catalyzes the greatness within.