Dedicated to
Professor Paul R. Lawrence
Harvard Business School


Mentor, Friend, Colleague, and Champion of Collaborative Leadership

Paul’s influence on the evolution of this Institute is enormous. His work in Differentiation-Integration theory in complex organizations became the foundation of Strategic Alliance Management, from which our insights about Collaborative Leadership emerged. His advice was on target in designing key elements of the Collaborative Innovation system. Later his Four Drives of Human Behavior evolved as the underpinnings of our Trust Architecture.


Paul had two requests of me before he passed away:

First to get a book written about trust-based leadership. This request has emerged as the “Trusted to Lead” series, which may become 10 different books on collaborative leadership.

Second, he hoped to see a Collaborative Leadership Institute formed to carry forth the vision for collaborative excellence.


“It’s imperative to understand cooperative systems architecture because future leaders will either be part of a collaborative network or be competing against one.  Many would have been saved from financial hardship, frustration, and even failure had they had access to this information.”


“Trust Determines ….
– the Course of History
– the Destiny of Nations
– the Fate of People…..”