A Powerful Vision & High Standards

The Institute is created:

  • To build a global center of excellence for trust-based, collaborative leaders starting with Pre-college students, extending to the executive suite of global enterprises;
  • To re-wire thinking around the concept that effective Leadership in the 21st Century requires a new approach which includes collaboration, innovation, trust-based action, and strategic vision;
  • To bring new, highly effective collaboration strategy to the art and science of leadership; and
  • To provide advanced skills and leadership tools to manage to full success in today’s complex, global, networked world.
The Institute provides systems, strategies, methods, and tools to make a positive difference in the world through trust-based Leadership across all industries, disciplines, groups, and stakeholders.

The Institute is an international community of collaborative leaders who will make a positive impact on the world today and into the future.

Key Metrics of Value

Based on our experience, we’ve found that 85% of corporations can gain major advantages using our proprietary breakthrough frameworks, trust-based programs, and benchmarked best practices.

Members of the Institute who graduate with a Certificate in Collaborative Leadership will achieve a 25-30% competitive advantage in their respective operating environment , as demonstrated by post program review, within 5 years of graduation.

Executive Leaders engaging the Institute’s programs can expect to:

  • Create sustainable competitive advantage: 25-30% increases in innovation flow, teamwork outputs, and profits in the typical company that uses our methods.
  • Apply the ideas, strategies, and methods immediately, producing measurable results within months that provide at least a 4 to 1 return on investment.
  • Communicate strategies, objectives, and methods to their stakeholders that creates trust, alignment, and high performance, producing exceptional results.
  • Create an organizational culture that sustains success.
  • Produce dramatic change in how economic performance is achieved, valued is maximized and subsequently measured and rewarded that exceeds the norm by a wide margin

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Leadership is the Most Critical Factor in Producing Results
Of all the factors that influence outcomes, leadership stands at the pinnacle; no other factor provides the leverage and nexus to have such an impact and make a difference in success or failure, or cooperation or conflict.

Today’s world is changing at a bewildering pace. In no other period in the history of human events (with the exception of wartime) have we encountered so much change so fast, with so much inter-connectivity.

If you are happy with the outcomes the world is producing today, then stop reading any further; but if you believe we could (and should) being producing better results in both business and government today, then read on…

Leadership is extremely important and vital today: times of change can become chaotic and regressive when poor leadership prevails, and, alternatively, enlightening and progressive in the presence of inspiring leaders.

Collaborative Leadership is Essential

In today’s inter-connected world, fully 85% of all employees are working in teams, cross-boundary relationships, or strategic alliances.

Thus, for organizations seeking competitive advantage, Collaborative Leadership is an essential configuration.

For the most part, other forms of leadership, when applied to complexity, change, engagement, and connectedness, are misguided, dysfunctional, or obsolete.
Adversarial, Transactional, and Hierarchical Leadership approaches are simply outmoded or not effective in much of today’s world, because these neither
take advantage of the power of teamwork to produce quality results and nor engage collaborative innovation necessary for rapid adaptation.
For all-too-many leaders, the constructs of leadership are ill-defined, ambiguous, and muddled.

Qualities of Collaborative Leaders
Collaborative Leaders seek to:
  • unite not divide
  • inspire not open fire
  • elevate not denigrate
  • embrace not disgrace
  • enlighten not frighten
  • enthuse not confuse
  • engage not enrage
  • align not malign
  • integrate not segregate
  • lift not rift
  • to use differences as engines of innovation
Positioning Statement

The Institute operates at the intersection of leadership development in a complex, interconnected world where technology platforms bring us closer to each other on a global basis, yet takes us further away in the human interaction dimension. As technology replaces face-to-face encounters, collaboration, trust, and shared interactive vision begin to weaken and eventually stop. Think of this as the “high tech, high trust intersection,” which is The Institute’s sweet spot.

We aim at producing leaders, young and mature, that produce extraordinary results:

Senior Leaders:

For senior organizational leaders who face intense global competition and increasing pressure for growth in a complex and fast-changing environment, we provide Leadership Capability Building that is appropriate for today’s complex, inter-connected. For youth leaders, the Institute’s methodology is designed to energize and inspire.

The Institute operates at the intersection of leadership development in a complex, interconnected world where technology platforms bring us closer to each other on a global basis, yet takes us further away in the human interaction dimension. As technology replaces face-to-face encounters, collaboration, trust, and shared interactive vision begin to weaken and eventually stop. Think of this as the "high tech, high trust intersection," which is The Institute’s sweet spot.

Youth Leaders:
  • Strong sense of Mission and Purpose
  • Capable of Responding Positively to Adversity
  • Willing to take Responsibility for their Lives
  • Turn Problems into Opportunities
  • Build Trustworthy Personal Relationships
  • Become strong role models and excellent parents
  • Be helpful friends
  • Have standards of Excellence that will improve over the years

Our Executive Teaching Staff delivers via a model that pairs a dynamic Thought Leaders with an Experienced Senior Practitioners, producing a complete package of wisdom, insight, tested methods and practical solutions.

So many leadership programs fail to produce the anticipated results because one single executive attends a program, then, when reentering, they face a corporate “immunal rejection” as the old corporate cultural DNA experiences the introduction of new ideas as a “foreign body.” Then, frustrated, the leader becomes disenchanted and leaves for greener pastures.

We strongly encourage every organization to send teams, or even bring customers and suppliers, to enable a critical mass of internal leaders to co-develop plans that will be easily assimilated into action.


  • Education which focuses on the power and value of Trust-based, Collaborative Leadership;
  • Inspiration to lead while achieving the highest level of life’s purpose; and
  • Ecosystem which makes a positive difference to self, community, and the world.
Guiding Principles
  • Collaborate to Compete
  • It is better to be trusted than feared or loved
  • Default to innovation and action
  • Teamwork is the basis of competitive advantage
  • Exceed each other’s expectations
  • Participate and contribute with courtesy and respect
  • Maintain full confidentially
  • Pursue excellence
  • Courage expands resources
  • Share knowledge
  • Communicate openly and effectively, clearly, frequently, and constructively
  • Energize and engage

Courage expands, cowardice diminishes resources. In dangerous straits, the fears of the timid aggravate the dangers that imperil the brave. --Bouvee (1820-1904)

Our Comprehensive Approach to Leadership

Our comprehensive approach to Collaborative Leadership is composed of key:

  • strategies,
  • systems,
  • frameworks,
  • solutions,
  • best practices,
  • mindsets,
  • skill sets,
  • diagnostic tools.
  • that have been thoroughly tested and strongly endorsed in the crucible of action.

    Based on years of experience in the field and having conducted innumerable Executive Capability Building sessions, we have concluded that great leadership can be both an intuitive trait and can be developed within inherently good people – it is an art and science that can be practiced and applied with highly predictable results.

    We believe our approach to leadership development has several significant competitive advantages.

    • Proprietary, capacity building methodology;
    • Delivery system is built on real time, real experience Leaders teaching with skilled, experience educators in an interactive, experiential format;
    • Proprietary content focused on Collaborative Leadership, and not generic management which mentions leadership and glances over the surface of Leadership principles and outcomes;
    • Graduates receive a Certificate of Leadership completion which may convert to credit applied towards a degree in some colleges or universities;
    • Executives receive an advanced certificate and will have access to an online membership senior leadership community;
    • Membership in an on-line global community;
    • Lifelong learning opportunity through updates, expertise based social networks, learning forums and quarterly leadership meet-ups into the future;
    • Access to world-class programs at competitive prices;
    • Focus on Leadership, exclusively.

    An innovative, interactive, experiential curriculum focused on group analysis, discussion, competitive game challenge, and group success creates the learning environment which develops Collaborative Leadership skills and competencies. Our curriculum, a high performance system, is fully integrated, scalable, transferable, and leverages cross-boundary differences as a source of innovation.

    When people are able to apply what they learn immediately, they retain 80% of what they learned three weeks later.
    But if they can’t apply it right away, their retention plummets to 20% or less three weeks later.

    A new teaching methodology, tested and successfully used in global training at the executive and graduate level, uses a Capability Building “workshop” model. The method drives real time results.

    The Institute's learning methodology extends standard education methods from a "seminar" model (which fosters discussion) into a highly engaged, outcome- focused learning process.

    The Institute’s Research and Development Program is designed to support continuous program improvement and enhancements to The Institute’s library of Intellectual Property.

    See Our 10 Point Advantage.