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Launching our Initiatives and Delivering Programs requires world-class Thought Leadership.

The “Trusted to Lead” series of four books is intended to deliver publications that focus on how leaders can build more trust, cooperation, alignment, alliances, teamwork — and performance — into their organizations.

After years of testing in the crucible of action, combined with endless applied research, we’ve discovered the fundamentals that really make a difference in unifying people, and, ultimately creating the elusive synergy that has been so hard to fathom and sustain.

Our next generation of leaders — millennials — have lost faith in our future.
They need new ideas and ideals. These books will inspire and guide future generations.

To provide the intellectual horsepower to fuel our work in Collaborative Leadership Excellence, we are aiming to publish four books in the next three years.
All books are well into the 2nd draft stage, research is close to finalization.

Robert Porter Lynch is the main author on all four books, with contributions from dozens of other authorities. Robert has published four other highly regarded books in strategic alliances — which have become the “foundational architectures” for this next evolution in Collaborative Excellence.

Lou Traina, Ph.D. has joined our team to serve as Senior Editor in Chief of the Four Book Series. His contribution will be significant.


The Rushmore Strategy links the advice of the four Rushmorian Presidents with real breakthroughs in the “Architecture of Trust,” including the neuroscience of the brain and best practices in trust-building derived from our extensive experience in the field of collaboration.


Collaborative Excellence  provides leaders with a powerful framework for creating sustainable and highly effective organizations that perform at least 20% better than the norm. The book provides clear guidance to enable four critical alignments – strategic, cultural, operational, & dynamic.


Capitalism is under fire from millennials, who have given up our economic system, and from most Americans appalled by those who abuse our economic system. This book outlines a bold new future for capitalism. The result of years of experience & research, it promises a 25% competitive advantage to those with moral character.


We are experiencing the most rapid change ever known on the planet. While technology creates massive disruptions, this book focuses how to use the creative minds of people in your company and in your value chain to create a perpetual innovation engine to adapt rapidly.

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We estimate these books will be foundational works that affect hundreds of thousands of people over the years to come. To bring these books to a wide audience, we need financial support — it will take three years of hard work to finish these four volumes. Robert has invested and depleted  his  personal resources to get to this advanced stage. (go to Institute Publications to see the the extensive array of research and writing that has brought our journey to this stage.)

Going farther means we need your help.

We estimate that the 4 four books will require at least $20,000/book to be completed, including writing, final research, editing, and proofing.

By Joining others Your Donation will be Leveraged to Make a Big Difference
  • Be a SPONSOR — $10,000
    • At the beginning of each of the four books will be a Dedication Page.
    • A donation of $10,000 will secure your Dedication for posterity. Your family and children will know you cared enough to make a difference in the future.
    • Your can dedicate one of the books as a tribute to your person of choice, including yourself. You might want to honor a parent, mentor, or spouse, or something you firmly believe in. need just 4 donors, one each for each book.
    • The Dedication will be one or two paragraph (3-6 sentences) written in a manner to coincide with the topic of the book. (This is not intended to be either self-serving or an advertisement.)
    • Each Sponsoring Donor will receive 10 free copies of the book, signed with a personal tribute by the Author (Robert Porter Lynch)  and the Senior Editor in Chief (Louis Traina).
    • Each Sponsoring Donor will be able to purchase unlimited books at author’s special discount price
  • Be a SUPPORTER — $1,000 donation
    • On the second page of each book will be a Special Acknowledgement page
    • Supporters will have their names mentioned in the order of the size of their donation.
    • for a $3,000 special donation,
      – you will be listed first among Special Acknowledgements
      – you will be in all four books (four for the price of three)
    • Each Supporting Donor will receive 1 free copies of the book, signed with a personal tribute by both the Author and the Senior Editor in Chief
    • Each donor will be able to purchase unlimited books at author’s special discount price
  • Be a Contributor
    • If your budget is limited, we would gratefully appreciate your contribution at any level.
      Making a difference is what counts.
    • If you would like to serve as a champion of any of our Strategic Initiatives, please click on any of the links below:

We have three Strategic Initiatives underway at this time

Rushmore Strategy – Rebuilding Trust in America

Alliance for Collaborative Economies — Creating a Future for Capitalism

Wisdom Project for Seniors

Each of these initiatives can make a major difference to millions of people around the world. Right now these are volunteer-based, but have no budget for growth, leadership, or advocacy.

Each has a goal of a minimum of $50,000 to begin an early-stage liftoff.

  • Individual Sponsors can make a donation in increments of $12,500.
  • Corporate Sponsors can make a donation in increments of $25,000

Show you care and make your personal impact on the thinking and actions of leaders across America and the world.

Be sure to make your tax deductible  donation now — things are just not getting better  without inspired action.
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Robert Porter Lynch, Chairman of the Board