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A Powerful New Vision

The Institute is the result of years of analysis, design, development and field testing best practices in building collaborative interactions — inside or outside your organization.

Our frameworks and practices are acclaimed for their qualities:

  • Produce Great Results
  • Easy to Understand & Learn
  • Logical & Rational
  • Holistic/Systematic
  • Universal based on Human Nature
  • Win-Win Mentality to the Next Level


Dedicated Team

About The Founders

Great Collaborative Leaders:

  • unite not divide
  • inspire not open fire
  • elevate not denigrate
  • embrace not disgrace
  • enlighten not frighten
  • engage not enrage
  • align not malign
  • lift not rift

The International Collaborative Leadership Institute is founded by a group of leaders, many of whom have worked together in a variety of projects and businesses over the last 25 years. Collectively we realized we had a large expanse of wisdom and capability to offer, along with many others we had engaged with over the years.

Here are the members of the initial team that is launching the Institute:

Robert Porter Lynch

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Joseph S.

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Dedicated to
Professor Paul R. Lawrence

Mentor, Friend, Colleague, and Champion of Collaborative Leadership

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