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Youth Leadership
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The Problem

Youth in Peril

Today, our youth face unprecedented challenges and stresses. Many are  confronted with  difficult  problems that they did not create. This includes  violence in schools, high school dropout rates, escalating suicide rates, drug abuse, and teenage pregnancies.

All too often youth today lack good role models and mentors that were available to earlier generations.

The Solution

Vision for Youth Leadership

Our Youth Leadership Development envisions youth who are equipped to handle these challenges......

  • first: by being able to lead themselves, and
  • second: to help guide others, especially to be responsible friends, and future mothers and fathers and employees, and engage in their work and community in a healthy and productive manner.

We are designing programs to help build character in the next generation. We believe that a simple and straight forward approach is most important .J0308965

Before one can lead others, one must be able to lead themselves.

Tag Lines
It’s not enough just to live your life, .....

you must lead your life.”

Great leaders are not just born, full blown from the womb; they are carefully developed and nurtured the assistance of insightful thinking, strong values, and good character from a senior person  – a mentor -- who has been on the journey and is  wiser, more experienced, and empathetic to those they are mentoring.

Focus of Mentoring

All too often youth today lack good role models and mentors that were available to earlier generations. But mentors alone are not enough to overcome these issues.

All too often we hear of mentors that tell wonderful stories, teach lessons, or build beautiful relationships, but leave the  person they are mentoring without a framework through which they can truly lead others.

We provide a common framework and language of understanding that enables mentors and youth to connect, understand, and for youth to help others. Our Four Drives of Human Behavior, Ladder of Trust, and Four Alignments of Leadership are simple, powerful, and easy to use.


Character Tree

Being Future Ready

Many educational institutions have come to recognize the importance of preparing youth to be ready for the next phase of their lives, whether it be as a member of the workforce, a parent, or going on to college.  All  youth should be good citizens, able to help the community in which they live and work.

The most important years to focus youth on being future ready occurs between the ages of 15 and 20 years of age. That’s when they begin coming of age, and can begin to envision their real role in life and in the lives of others.

We see four key building blocks for success that develop the inner character that forms a young person’s “Guidance System:”

  1. Mission & Purpose in their lives to give direction and meaning to life itself
  2. Positive Response to Adversity to enable them to rebound from difficulty
  3. Life Long Learning to enable continual refinement to personal values & depth of understanding & wisdom
  4. Building a world they can Trust by internal integrity and selection of the right friends
  5. MALT

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