1. Trusted to Lead
    Learn the critical 4 Alignments of Leadership, the 4 Drives of Human Behavior, and the Fundamentals of Trust-based Leadership. Build an Action Plan for Long term success.
     (2-day program)
  2. Building a Team You Can Trust
    Turn your team into a high performer by removing obstacles to performance, learn the best practices of great teams, create a system of trust that will propel innovation and achievement. (1 or 2 day program)
  3. Becoming a Great Collaborative Champion
    Collaboration is not for the weak of heart. It requires special skills to cross boundaries, inspire, transform conflict into innovation, and ensure people understand the creation of real value. (1 day program)
  4. Alliance Best Practices (three optional tracks)
    Collaborative Leaders must be adept at forming alliances, both internally and externally. Those who do not use best practices typically have only a 25% success rate. Those with best practices gain 75% success or better. We offer three ways to learn:
    • Alliances Best Practices
      This is our oldest running program, forming the basis of 10’s of thousands of alliances around the world. (2 day program with prior reading required)
    • FASTART Alliance Launch
      This program is for organizations that are ready to start an alliance. Bring both sides to the session, and create an alliance in just two intense days.
      (2 day program with prior diagnostics required)
    • Strategic RelationSHIFT
      For organizations that have an existing alliance that needs to crank up the intensity, or transform into a new generation, new strategy, or new arena with new leaders.
      (2 day programs with prior diagnostics required)
  5. Economic Power of Trust
    Learn the way Trust becomes a massive competitive advantage. Use the new method of actually calculating Trust’s Impact on Profits (TIP)© Using Trust as a Powerful Project Management Accelerator and Risk Mitigator. (1 & 2 day formats)
  6. TransAlignment Negotiations
    Discover what is being heralded by experienced mediators as the next breakthrough in thinking since win-win was introduced 30 years ago. This is the missing piece that win-win is missing -- introducing strategic alignment, trust building, adaptation to change, and innovation to build long-term relationships.(2 day program)
  7. Building a Powerful Value Proposition
    Mission and Vision is simply not enough to energize and mobilize people. Unless a team, organization, or alliance can create VALUE, its ability to produce useful results is limited. Learn the fast and powerful method of turning vision into a high impact operations plan. 1 day program)
  8. Value Maximization
    The capacity of an organization to “Create Value” will determine, in large measure, its ability to compete successfully. Value Max is the discipline that should have been taught in Business School -- but it’s missing. If you are charged with being a “value creator,” don’t miss this real shift in thinking.
    (2 day program)

  9. Collaborative Innovation
    The ability of an organization to innovate, solve problems, and adapt to change in a collaborative way is the hallmark of long-term sustainability. Our Collaborative Innovation program is a distillation of the most effective means of enabling people to be co-creative. We present different versions for organizations that focus a) on Lean Management, b) Research & Development, and c) Collaborative Entrepreneurship. (1 day program)
  10. Driving Value Chain Innovation
    In today’s interconnected world, businesses must deliver value End to End (E2E) to gain real competitive advantage. Speed, Innovation, Integration and Alliances are fundamental to securing this advantage. Learn how to design the most profitable, productive, and innovative value chain in your industry. (2 day program)
  11. Strategic Execution
    Less than one out of every eight strategic initiatives are actually launched and achieve the results envisioned. Learn how to gain traction, mobilize people, anticipate the breakdowns, and get results -- often faster than anticipated. (2 day program)
  12. Collaboration Metrics & Health Diagnostics
    Powerful Metrics actually drive alignment in high performance organizations. Learn how to use Strategic Return on Investment Metrics to produce the leading indicators that will manifest as productivity and profits. Identify the critical metrics of trust and teamwork that will enable long-term health of your team, organization, program, or alliance. (1 day program)
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TransAlignment Negotiations
Value Max
Team Trust
Economics of Trust
Strategic Relationshift
Driving Strategic Innovation
Strategic Alliances
Collaborative Innovation Circle
Strategic Execution
Collaborative Metrics
Value Proposition

      Action Learning -- Why we use a “Capability Building”  Approach

    The greatest myth in training programs is the false belief that knowledge brings results.
    Studies show that simply attaining knowledge does not improve performance.
    Adults learn differently than youth -- adults value learning when it can be applied to
    an immediate problem, opportunity, or objective, which gives it utility and impact.

  • When adults immediately APPLY what they learn,
    they retain 80% three weeks later
    .Capability Building Methodology
  • When they DON’T APPLY,
    they’ve  forgotten 80% three weeks later.

That’s why every learning module in our programs follows this
Four Stage Capability Building sequence:

Our programs seamlessly flow these steps so that people learn & apply in one continuous motion – making our capability programs highly successful.



We have a full array of workshops for your organization, alliance, value chain, conference, or association.


Learning that Builds Capability

Workshops Currently Available

Collaborative Shift - OnBoard1

Note: Sometimes there is confusion about the difference between a “workshop,” a “seminar,“ and a “program.”  Here’s our perspective:

  • Workshop:  a “workshop” connects strategies and practices directly to tools and applications aimed at producing real results quickly.
  • Seminara “seminar”  is quite different; it is a discussion of  ideas, concepts, or options,  but does not necessarily aim at implementation
  • Program: a “program” integrates strategy and implementation; it consists of multiple elements, including briefings, planning, diagnostics,
                           leadership & resource commitments,  engagement, implement roll-out, metrics, action workshops, feedback and learning.

The BEST Results are
 attained when TEAMS
 apply what they learn
 immediately upon
 gaining their
new insight

We recognize that much of leadership training cannot be done solely as an academic exercise; it can only be exercised in the heat of a real challenge – in the crucible of action and the tension of emotions. Our programs focus on integrating frameworks & architectures with success factors, tools, coupled with a heavy dose of application.  For this reason, we do not rely heavily on case studies, but instead use the pressure cooker of real life situations, simulations, and interactive co-creation.

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