The Collaborative Leadership Institute
has begun to bring our message and material
into a multitude of arenas.

We have recently made presentations to high acclaim to a growing list of organizations across North America including:

  • Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals
  • Reserve Officers Association
  • Dispute Resolution Network
  • Food Banks of Alberta
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution of Canada
  • Oilmen’s Business Forum
  • Canadian Manufacturers
  • People for People
  • Global Transportation :Association
  • Strategic Planning Association
  • Private Organizations -- (Confidential)

Workshops  are Available for Presentation at
your Conference or Organization

Each can be made available for the centerpiece of a keynote speech

Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals
What Collaborative Leaders Can Learn from the Success of the New England Patriots
@ Patriots Stadium -- Foxborough, MA
Sept 7th

Dispute Resolution Network

 2-Day Strategic Planning & TransAlignment Education Event
 September 12-13, 2017 in Edmonton, Alberta
 Stay Tuned

Speaker’s Bureau


Let us bring this powerful new approach to your conference, association, organization,  training program, or planning session.

Moving Past Agreements
to Create Alignments

Are you encountering any of these situations:

  • Are people polarized and upset, when they should be working together  in a team, partnership, or alliance?
  • Are the stakes high and the results mediocre?
  • Do you sense that there must be a better way to engage people?
  • Are Past histories, strained working relationships, tense emotions, and differing interests getting in the way?

Our approach works by aligning people and organizations.


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Business Collaboration Standards Issued

On March 27th, 2017 the International Standards Organization (ISO ) announced international standard 44001 which provides common frameworks, standardized terminology, and assessments for business collaboration.

The ISO standard creates a common vocabulary of collaboration, with tools and ways to work together on common goals, while recognizing and respecting the cultural and other authentic differences between people and their organizations.

The ISO adoption marks the first time there has been a global standard for collaboration which can be used as a common architecture/framework across and within  organizations. This includes business, government, not-for-profits, universities, health care systems, research collaborations, and entire value chains.

The ISO standard was highly influenced by the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP) Best Practices. These practices were first published  by Robert Porter Lynch in the early 1990s, then upgraded in 2002 by him under the aegis of ASAP, and subsequently updated again in 2013 as a collaborative initiative with ASAP practitioners from around the world.

The ISO standard follows the 8 Phase framework the Founders have been advocating and practicing for over 20 years. The ISO Standard emphasizes  every collaborative engagement must commence with Leadership Excellence.

In anticipation of this evolution, the Institute has a complete range of programs and assessments, which are ready for implementation in organizations who want to attain “World Class” certification.

(see ISO 44001 Collaborative Standards -- overview)

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