The Institute is the result of years of analysis, design, development and field testing best practices in building collaborative interactions  -- inside or outside your organization. 

Our frameworks and practices are acclaimed for their qualities:

4-D Leadership (open)
  • Produce Great Results
  • Easy to Understand & Learn
  • Logical & Rational
  • Holistic/Systematic
  • Universal based on Human Nature
  • Win-Win Mentality to the Next Level

About the Founders

The International Collaborative Leadership Institute is founded by a group of leaders, many of whom have worked together in a variety of projects and businesses over the last 25 years. Collectively we realized we had a large expanse of wisdom and capability to offer, along with many others we had engaged with over the years. spiral

Here are the members of the initial team that is launching the Institute:


Robert Porter Lynch, chairman

    Robert has been recognized for his groundbreaking work in creating "the architecture of cooperation" which underpins thousands of strategic alliances in this country and around the world. He has written several books and the profession’s first benchmarking studies. He pioneered the initial research in Alliance Architectures with Best Practices research beginning in 1988, followed by a series of bench-marking studies in Alliance Formation and Management in 1993, Strategic Sourcing in 1997, and e-Commerce in 1999. Mr. Lynch continues his quest to discover and innovate in the Strategic Alliance Profession. Robert is deeply engaged in the next edge of cooperation, specifically using Alliances as Engines of Innovation, the Leadership Role of Alliance Champions, the Architecture of Trust, Synergistic Negotiations, and the New Economics of Synergistic Systems.

    Mr. Lynch holds a master’s degree in Organizational Development from Harvard University and a bachelor's degree in International Relations from Brown University. He is an adjunct faculty member of the Universities of Alberta, British Columbia, and San Diego; and has served as a faculty member of the American Management Association, American College of Physician Executives, the Canadian Management Centre and the Institute for International Learning. (download Bio)

ยท Focus on Collaboration & Leadership

    For over 40 years Robert has been on a quest to find the inner-architecture to successful cooperation between humans and organizations.

    It began after Vietnam when Robert was assigned to the U.S. Navy’s special unit that sought to develop stronger teamwork between officers and enlisted personnel. After receiving a Master’s Degree in Organization Behavior at Harvard, Robert spent a decade as an entrepreneur, launching several successful companies.

    In 1985 his focus returned to the quest, developing the ground-breaking system designs for strategic alliances.

    This deep inquiry then progressed over the next two decades to:

      • understanding the source-code of collaborative innovation,
      • Robert’s depth of field in history, linked with his visionary insights bring the wisdom of the ages and the dynamism of possibility into the present. 4 Alignments
      • collaboration’s impact on competitive advantage,
      • transforming conflict into creativity,
      • neuro-chemistry of cooperation,
      • lowering risk in highly complex projects,
      • economics of trust,
      • essence of human behavior,
      • inner dynamics of high performance teams,
      • spiritual vitality of synergy,
      • maximizing value creation, and more....
      • These elements have come together into a very simple system:
        the Four Alignments
        the “E=mc2 of Organization & Leadership”

Christine Adamow, president

    Christine is a highly skilled catalyst who transforms early stage companies and new ideas through technology transfer into companies that can grow and generate wealth for their stakeholders. She integrates her experience of founding, managing, operating, and advising start-up and early-stage companies with a disciplined approach to business and an inspirational perspective on leadership. Christine believes that developing people is as important as developing technology and she has built international teams with successful track records for the past 20 years. Her career highlights include using real time, intelligent engines to solve complex integrated system problems. Christine led the development of 2 enterprise software systems, now in use for medical risk assessment and same day close for stock transactions. She has lead international teams of highly skilled technology experts in the design, coding, and final versions of these tech solutions. Christine uses collaborative networking, alliance structuring, and a consensus management style to achieve high value results for her team and all shareholders.

    Ms. Adamow earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Simmons College in Boston in Nutrition and Child Development and Master’s Degrees from Boston University, Columbia University, and Framingham State College in Corporate Finance, Strategic Planning, and Biochemistry, respectively. Christine’s academic study includes coursework leading to the PhD in Human Nutrition at Columbia University in the City of New York. She left the program before completion of her thesis focused on the effect of Total Parenteral Nutrition on the neuroendocrine development of neonates, to start her first technology company.

Joseph S. Scali, finance

    Mr. Scali is a financial professional with over 30 years of industry experience. During his career, he has managed personal investment portfolios, authored investment research reports for Wall Street Firms. Complimenting this investment world experience, Mr. Scali also served as the comptroller for early stage technology firms in the greater Boston market. In his capacity as a finance executive, he has raised both private equity and venture capital for these early stage companies. He has worked with Christine Adamow and was a founding member of the executive management team of 3 starts ups in the software and renewable energy industries.

    Joe currently assists startups with financial issues. He, also, conducts and refines several securities industry licensing and insurance exam preparation programs. The programs include both on-line web based programming and in-person lecturing. Class length ranges from half-day seminars to three full day sessions.

    Mr. Scali received his Bachelor of Science degree from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts and his MBA from Boston University.

Sesh Sukhdeo, International Development

  • Sesh is a highly respected growth leader who has held a number of senior leadership roles, he has worked with numerous governments and businesses globally on people and cross border trade and development. Sesh has deep experience in the use of technology platforms to support and solve complex problems. Most recently, he has created new applications for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the HR sector. This same technology has application in the behavioral development field. Sesh is a passionate relationship architect, who takes pride in driving value and making a difference. Some of his past roles include International Development Director for the British Computer Society, and Vice President Europe, Middle East and Africa for a world renowned skills development and assessment company. He has completed his Executive MBA on Entrepreneurship in the UK.


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